Over the past few years Kong has seen an increase in the amount of expatriates settling in this inspirational and unique city as a result of increasing search for talent from both worldwide and local companies. Upon arrival, among the activities that are main to handle for these individuals’ entails renting an apartment. The processes involved and laws can be quite different to other cities or states. This report attempts to illustrate some property processes and more significantly laws are important to understand.

Real Estate Agent:

After The institution of the ‘Estate Agents Authority’ in 1997, also called ‘EAA’ require to be licensed to do estate work. Agents will provide a name card to you the moment you meet with them and their number should be exhibited on their name card. Estate brokers that are licensed should have in possession their permit card that is official.

serviced apartment

The Estate Agency Form:

Prior to view properties, brokers require the customer to sign a normal estate serviced apartment form which lists all of the flats to see or already viewed. In case you have signed this form and for some personal reason you are not pleased with the broker’s service and opt to rent an apartment on the list using another agent from another company, you may be required to cover the prior broker’s company full commission in addition to your new one. You might be liable to penalty if you do not pay. Ask to sign this form is standard practice determined by the ‘Estate Agents Authority, (EAA)’.

Important Things To Check Within the Apartment:

By Hong Kong law, landlords must supply fixtures appliances and fittings in good and safe condition. Even though some Sai Ying Pin Serviced Apartment brokers will check this for you, it is best you check as long as you are better to ascertain what safe or great working for yourself is.