Why was research papers rejected by top journals?

You fastidiously complete a study, create it up and also send to a journal for magazine. Within couple of hours or days you obtain an email from the content board excusing themselves for not having the ability to assess your post, as it does not match their needs.

Well you are not the just one; a number of us have needed to encounter a comparable scenario.

  1. Incomplete title web page

Well that is a real poor start. Do not take the title web page gently, that is the very first point the content board will see. It is your foot attempting to get involved in the door. There specifies information that journals require you to furnish initially. And also child, are they severe concerning them. Failure to reveal your info as per their needs to let us recognize info will surely have the editor click the return for reformatting/revision or worse rejected for want of adherence to journal plan button. Certainly you would certainly not desire your vast initiative to go waste just because you tried to conserve time by not filling those columns and need in the title page section.

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Most usual things disregarded are:

– Missing problem of rate of interest declaration from each writer

– missing rib contact info for researches involving human beings.

– Incomplete writer details per the journal details instruction/guidelines to writers.

These instructions/guidelines are easily available on the journal site.

So please read them follow them and also nail me!

  1. No abstract.

Abstract resembles your business card. Content board will certainly review it prior to going on with assessing the remainder of the manuscript. So you need to comprehend succinctly exactly how the journal wants you to structure your abstract. Every jurnal pengurusan UKM has a different layout. Usually the manuscript obtains returned/rejected if the abstract is missing out on in the word documents or otherwise effectively structured each the journals specifications once again, available easily on their website.

  1. No web page numbers.

Please, please do not fail to remember to add web page numbers in your manuscript. Actually we would suggest that you format the page numbers when you start writing the paper.

  1. Poor formatting.

Journal and editors are extremely picky about formatting on the manuscript. We could not blame them; they get a lot of documents to assess. They use easy filters to return the documents. An improperly formatted paper gets the boot. Typically the regulations for format are extremely easy but once again are very journal details. Attempt to comply with these simple methods when you compose your paper.

– No fancy typefaces: make use of font style as specified by the journal’s guidelines to the authors. Frequently liked ones are Ariel or times new roman, however that is not restricted to that. So please check before you font!


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